About Nexalin Therapy

If you are suffering from anxiety, depression or insomnia, then you are an ideal candidate for Nexalin therapy. Nexalin therapy is a next generation treatment option, cleared by the FDA. The Nexalin treatment device delivers a subtle energy waveform to the brain's hypothalamus region including the midbrain and periaqueductal gray area, stimulating the release of beta-endorphins, serotonin and enkaphalins. This release increases your feelings of well-being and calmness, restoring normal levels of these neurotransmitters to the brain. With over 10,000 successful treatments to date, Nexalin therapy offers relief from these pervasive issues without the side effects associated with medications.

Most of our patients reports feeling better within a few sessions. With the help of Nexalin treatments, your brain will retrain itself to maintain the new patterns, and you will feel even better. A brighter outlook, better moods and deeper sleep are just around the corner when you choose Nexalin therapy.

If you are currently using medication, you can still be treated with the Nexalin therapy. After a series of treatments, you may be able to decrease your medication or end it completely, avoiding or decreasing the side effects and questions about the long term safety of prescription medication. Talk to the doctors at the Nexalin Therapy Center today to determine your best course of action.

For more technical information about Nexalin and access to case studies, please visit: www.nexalintechnology.com