About Nexalin Therapy Center

The need for health and healing is what has caused Dr. Hu to bring Nexalin to Ohio – he sees the results of untreated anxiety, depression and insomnia and the results of chronic disease every day in his patients. Nexalin therapy offers just the treatment that patients need to feel re-energized about their lives.

The Nexalin Therapy Center is one of the first approved sites for Nexalin therapy in the Midwest. Dr. Hu's goal is to build a relationship with each patient that makes them feel comfortable and at home. The staff of the Nexalin Therapy Center believes in Nexalin therapy and what it can do for each patient. Nexalin creates positive changes and works without shots, pills or side effects. Let the staff welcome you to the therapy center today! Come in and try the series of relaxing treatment. 

Meet the Nexalin Therapy Center Staff:

Dr. Benjamin Hu – Physician
Dr. Hu has a B.S. and an M.S. in Chemical Engineering from MIT, and an M.D. from Case Western Reserve Medical School. An ophthalmologist by training, Dr. Hu has always had a love for science. Curious and always willing to learn, Dr. Hu discovered the promise of Nexalin therapy about ten years ago and personally went to investigate the process in California. He reviewed the patents and researched the information regarding this technology. He was so impressed by the technology that he decided to bring it to the Midwest by opening his own Nexalin treatment center. With no harmful side effects and no pain, Nexalin can harness and reset the power of the brain and the body to work together to create a state of healing and relaxation.


Amy Lun – Clinic Director
With a background in engineering, Amy understands all the technical aspects of the Nexalin therapy and works to help patients feel calm and comfortable both before and during the treatment. As a trained Nexalin therapist, Amy works with each patient to assess how they are feeling and makes sure each patient's privacy is respected.